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About Green Iguana Society – Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Have you wondered what it would be like to raise an iguana? Do you know what it takes to take care of them? Do you know how many species of the Iguana family there are? What about the green iguana? What do you know about it?Listed below are seven things you may not have known about the green iguana.- These are called common iguanas- Many people would like to have one as a pet because they are so common.- Calling them a green iguana can often times be a mistake because they can be a brown color too.- Iguanas are not carnivores but rather herbivores. This means they eat fruits and vegetables such as tree leaves and flowers.- Where can they be found? Green Iguanas can be find in parts of South and Central America, some Pacific Islands including Guam and the state of Florida in the United States.- An iguana that is living in captivity can live up to and even more than 20 years. This happens only if the iguana has been taken very good care of. So far, the oldest iguana living is 29 years old.- What is sad is the green iguana is renowned as a threatened species because the habitat it lives in is slowly disappearing.There’s plenty that someone studying iguanas will learn besides the few seen here. Because of this knowledge, three individuals created an organization using online volunteers to give correct data regarding the iguana along with the ones above.The organization is called the Green Iguana Society established in 1999.Behind the Green Iguana SocietyWhat are the goals of the Green Iguana Society?When the three bodies began this society, they came up several goals they saw needed to be accomplished. What are these goals then?- This is a great way to learn how to feed the green iguanas as well as becoming the owner of one too. You could also learn what type of veterinarian should be consulted.- The founders’ website serves as a wonderful and opportune source of data that those who love iguanas will not need to search through many reptile writings.- The website is an vital provider in correct data for anyone interested at anytime that want or need the green iguana information.- This website also has encouraged many people to provide a more caring environment for the iguana as well as the complicated issues that are involved when they own one.The website covers how to take care a green iguana. These include the myths and misconceptions as well food and feeding to health and safety issues, veterinarians and other related societies.Here some common questions asked regarding the Green Iguana Society:- Why should a person get involved with this society?
According to its founders, by joining the club you can show your love to iguanas and continue learning about them including the type of care they need so you can share your knowledge to others.- Is there a fee to get involved?
There is no cost to join. However, this could change due to membership.- Can a person be included as a member of the site?
After years of people joining the site, this part of it was discontinued.- How old does someone need to be to join?
You need to be at least 14 years old to join the society. However, anyone 13 years of younger can join in the Kids Club.- How does someone join?
Fill out an electronic form, providing as much information as possible. Hit send.Want to learn more… search for Green Iguana Society.